So what are you here for?

Obviously, you know why you are here.

I can make some assumptions and guess what you want to hear, see and learn but the best way to avoid any misunderstanding on this question is to…

Tell me!

  • Do you want to start a website based around a subject that you love?
  • Do you want to know how to learn to be an affiliate marketer, making commissions 24/7 from simple links you place online?
  • Do you want to write articles that people will *actually* pay you good money for?
  • Do you want to start a fun, thriving, happening forum that can make you money 24/7?
  • Do you want to start your own business online?
  • Do you want to start an eBay, Amazon, Shopify shop that sucks up money worldwide, even when you’re asleep?
  • Do you want access to resources that enable you to start an offline business so that you can fire the damn boss that way?
  • Do you want to review music, writing, websites online to make some extra cash?
  • Do you not have the first clue on what you want to do or learn or be, just so long as you can ditch the boss?

I can work with all of these situations listed if that is what YOU WANT, this is your site. My point is that the more feedback I get from you as to where you want to get to in life, the more I can help and provide relevant posts, articles, suggestions and ideas.

I have started this site in order to help ordinary people (who are very often extraordinary people and just haven’t realised it yet) to improve their lifestyle in the best way possible.

Hey! It’s all in the title

Give your boss the boot

I have lost track of the number of bosses I have had over the years. Some were actually not that bad, some were ogres and downright nasty and some, well they just didn’t have a clue. They all had one thing in common, which wasn’t really their fault if I’m to be perfectly honest…

I resented them!

Now let me be absolutely clear, it wasn’t really them I resented, it was the position they held. I saw them as a human roadblock, stopping me from doing all the things I really wanted to be doing and hindsight being the amazing thing that it is I, of course, realise that it wasn’t them but me who was the thorn in my side. I just needed to get outta my own head.

It can be incredibly difficult to attempt any great change or undertaking in life while you have to hold down a job, there’s the fears on how you’ll pay for your home, bills, utilities, credit cards and isn’t it more than a little strange how families need to eat *every day*. And even if you do have the motivation, how do you set aside the capital you need for that amazing venture that keeps playing on a repeat loop in your mind’s eye?

It’s all in the name job…

J.O.B = Just Over Broke.

They give you just enough so that you don’t leave, but little enough to keep you broke enough that you gotta keep on going back.

I know, I have genuinely been there. I always had a million ideas running through my head, crazy schemes that I just knew could make me money but I just never had the money to get them off the ground. I tried dabbling with some of these ideas every now and then, that is how I learned about cash flow, it tried to eat me alive several times.

Like me,  you may also know the feeling at the end of a long day or night shift (12 hours in my case) all you want to do is crash out on the couch and chill out, often bed is a preferable choice, by the time you’ve eaten, showered and caught up with family or friends you are simply exhausted. Hey! It’s not like you don’t deserve to rest at the end of a working day.

So, that said nightschool probably isn’t an option and giving up the job to go back to full-time college just leads us back round the cycle of issues we’ve discussed already. The fact of the matter is that once you join the world of work it becomes very difficult to leave it again without severe ramifications on your life. I think that is exactly why they call it the rat race and everybody seems to be running and running and not actually getting anywhere. But don’t you dare stop after all there are twenty people queued up in a line along the block to take your job, isn’t that what they threaten us with constantly to keep us as good, subservient, grateful, bowed, hobbling slaves to the system.

A system that doesn’t really need us, it never did. What society needs is creators, employers, business builders the people who create the money that greases the wheels of everything, not just commerce.

So you need a plan or an idea or a system that you can learn at a steady pace. In an ideal world, it is something that you will have an interest in or that you will find fun or at the very least, a great way of making money. All the better if it is something scaleable, that in the short term isn’t interfering too much with that dreaded J.O.B, that you put down and pick back up again as often as you like.

So the question is,

  • When do you learn the new skills that you need to change your life?
  • Can you use existing skills to turn a profit?
  • Is there a way to bypass the hundreds or thousands that you need to set up a business?
  • Can it really be done from home?

This was what I most wanted to know.

I am here to open your mind to possibilities that you genuinely didn’t know existed.

To show you that there are some things out there that may be a perfect fit for you and may be far easier than you have always imagined.

If you are willing to open your mind and look at your life in a totally new way, you will see that the rut you have struggled with for so long is not really there, it is an illusion created by that suffocating feeling that takes over life sometimes. With this fog lifted we have a clarity of thought and of vision that helps us determine a new way forward.

It is liberating to start to forge a new path ahead I should know I have been exactly where you are now. I will show you simple ideas and strategies, many of which require zero startup capital, some require a small amount, this will always be an amount that even those in a dire financial situation can raise.

I will judge my success not on how much money I can make but on many other people I can help to become wealthy, comfortable or for some simply show them a proven and effective way to earn a little extra each month for a few luxuries instead of simply surviving.  Can you imagine the enormous satisfaction this will provide me with? to be able to help others maybe even you to rise up and move towards where you really want to be, man that will give me such a kick.

Depending on how much time you are willing to invest and how far you want to take any new plan you undertake I can guide and advise you along the way, along a path I have trodden before and am still moving along now. This is not gonna be technically complicated stuff and will always be suggestions that have a blueprint to success attached.

One of the strategies I implemented is that I learned affiliate marketing, for instance, using a plug and play method, I learned from a series of videos all available free…FREE. When it comes to learning to make money at home, if you have any experience of looking at these sort of things “free” is not a word you encounter too often, 3 easy instalments of $997, have it all today for $1997, they are terms you come across a lot BUT not here. By the way, for those waiting for the upsell, the bit where I go back on everything I have promised and surreptitiously ask for your credit card or PayPal details, relax, not here, not today, not ever.

For those of you who start to have success, earn money and start to see the vision of how you could actually give your boss the boot in the near future, there will be things I suggest that may cost you money to move forward with more speed, but I personally do not have any products that I have created to sell you and I have zero interest in creating any so once again relax.

If you are desperate to get started creating your better life and I still haven’t posted anything yet that you feel is a fit for you, get in touch with me and I will help you personally. My assistance is something you can bank on for the foreseeable future.

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