How Can I Make Money in the Health Niche?

There are certain questions that arise several times a day on internet marketing forums the world over. Among the most prevalent is.

How can I make money in the health niche?

More often than not, what they are really asking is…

Can I STILL make money in the health niche, or has that ship sailed?

I believe the reason this old chestnut comes up time and time again is that when brand new people are embarking on their journey to become online marketers or affiliate marketers or pro bloggers they quickly learn the relevance and sheer importance of niche selection, and keywords (get these two basics wrong at your peril).

So they watch a few tutorials, read a few reports and most likely spend an afternoon on Youtube researching niche selection. The advice 9 times outta 10 is:

  • Find something you are passionate about.
  • Select a topic that you have “expert” knowledge in.
  • Choose a niche that draws people desperate for information on dealing with a problem.

Often people hear this advice and have the knee-jerk reaction that:

  • I’m not passionate about anything.
  • I’m no expert, I’m just a regular joe.
  • I don’t know what niche to choose.

They then agonise over the decision for several days, in some cases it becomes weeks. They develop a full blown attack of analysis paralysis. They contemplate on whether this making money online thing is really for them or whether it’s just.

“Too damn hard”

Then finally, the fight response wins out over the flight response (for the lucky ones). Basing their first foray into marketing on these apparent golden principles. They are obviously so concerned with providing good content and articles that are “genuinely” going to resonate, provide real value and make a difference to people’s lives, they focus on the subject with the most perceived gravitas…

Health and general well being.

Nothing surprising in that you may think, and in many ways, it’s quite a noble ideal to want to create content that really makes a difference, after all, what better motivation than to potentially save a life?

HOWEVER, when you actually want Google to find your site sometime within the next hundred years you really do NOT want to be competing with three billion other authority sites in the same niche.

So what people are really asking is whether or not the health niche has reached saturation point? Secondly, will those who enter that sector today be fighting voraciously for the crumbs of revenue from an over bloated niche that has paid out its golden billions already?

So is there still good money to be made from the health niche or have the online pioneer marketers who went before had this area sewn up and spent since 2005?

Well as with so many other things in life, there is a long and a short answer…

Let’s start with the short answer to, how can you and I if we choose to still make great money from the health niche whilst being able to genuinely help others? We can also put to bed the rumour that it is it too late for us to grab our share?

Yes, it is an incredibly difficult niche to break into and be able to establish yourself as an authority figure due to the obvious reasons already referred to, MASSIVE competition, millions upon millions of posts, pages and results on almost every conceivable health related subject imaginable.


For those who are willing to spend a little time creatively carving out their own little health related crevice on the web, there are still opportunities out there and some of them are potentially huge.

But you are obviously not going to attract any traffic writing articles such as;

“How to lose weight”

It’s just been done already, in fact, it’s been done to death by many, many, MANY others who’ve gone before you, some of them incredibly skilled as writers and researchers and sometimes by medical practitioners and health-related professional bodies.

So you can pretty much guess your chances of being ranked number 1 in Google against such insurmountable odds, right?

The question I put back to you is:

Would you even want to enter this grim, hyper-competitive, cut-throat section of Webland, anyway?

Nope! I don’t blame you….

Which brings us full circle and back to our original question…

How can I make money in the health niche?

Well my little profit monkey, the answer is actually quite simple but requires some work and outside the box thinking. You will be ecstatic to know that I DO have a strategy to share. It is almost a question of semantics. You see obviously the drawbacks previously mentioned are all real, tangible and of course, they DO exist.

Remember the other essential element you need to master after choosing a niche?


More specifically, creative keywords that require some lateral thought and a cool research strategy.

Clever keyword selection is paramount for this strategy to work, do you use a keyword tool already? or are you all shiny, eager and brand new to this whole making money online thingummyjig?

Just in case, here is a super fast explanation. I’m not gonna dwell on this as I cover it in depth in other posts.

A keyword is a short or long string of words that a person may type into a search engine search bar to find the results that they are wanting more information about.

“how to lose weight” This is a keyword search.

If you are gonna make it online and potentially become an authority figure in a particular niche (totally doable by the way).

Do not underestimate keywords and do not try and shortcut the research process. Those few extra minutes or maybe even hours if you are brand new could be very lucrative.

When I tell you about particular aspects of making money online that can be extremely lucrative, you need to keep something in mind, there are dozens, hundreds or maybe even thousands of hours of work that may APPEAR to be unpaid at the start of your journey.

However this is what I call invisi-pay, you get paid but it looks different to the ways that you have earned money in the past. The best way I can explain it is that you get paid for this work, but you get paid later.

Pay now, earn later

Do not confuse this with another common phrase that sounds kinda similar, trust me this is a million times better than

Buy now, pay later

Which is a concept of modern life that we are all familiar with, right? Some of us have actually learned some incredibly harsh life lessons with this.

What I am telling you is that if you understand, grasp and put yourself to work with the idea and concept behind pay now (or) work now, earn later, you will learn a magnificent life lesson that will serve you fantastically well for a lifetime and WHAT a lifetime it will be.

In a nutshell, income online comes from,

  • Valuable content.
  • Search engine rankings.
  • Traffic/visitors.
  • Links to products that you place around the web (never in a spammy way, this hurts search engine rankings).
  • Ads on your site that capitalize on all of the above.
  • My personal favourite, affiliate commissions.

This infrastructure is not in place on your site in the beginning, so of course, there is absolutely no chance of making money from them, but the work you are doing right now is laying the foundations of your “earn later” income.

Take note that along the way you may earn a few random commissions from links that you place in order to test how they work and fit with your site in the early days, or visitors who trip over in Google and literally fall into your site and you’ve no idea how they got there. This is fun, bonus cash, and should be regarded as such, do not think that this offers an approximation of the revenue your site will earn.

You will remember my example,

“How to lose weight”

This is gonna be a spectacularly difficult keyword term to make money from if you are a newbie and honestly, even if you are an established online marketer, you will most likely steer clear of this keyword term UNLESS you have a high ranked authority site well established in the niche already.

When I type that into my chosen keyword tool I find more than 150,000 searches per month, this sounds great, right?

People are definitely interested!

However, this term has been used up and spat out by marketers down the years so you are never gonna rank in Google for it as there is just too much competition, or at the very least it will take a long, long time to climb to page 1.

But a decent keyword tool offers you the chance to look at variations of the term and offers alternative insights on ways to rank much easier in Google, Bing, and Yahoo and these are the only 3 search engines you need to be focussed on.

So after a bit of keyword research, you may decide to target a health related keyword along the lines of:

“Best whole grain foods to lose weight fast”

Probably a poor example, but I’m just thinking off the top of my head, you see the key is to take an extremely broad term like weight loss and break it down a stage further, or even 2 or 3 stages further. Obviously, there will be a far lower number of people searching for the term overall BUT more importantly in the revised example there were only 15 people ranking in Google for the chosen term so that means far, far less competition making it super easy to get your site ranked on page 1 of Google for this search term…

If your site achieves this with several posts that means you will have multiple page 1 rankings, you can guess what that will do for your site and of course, you will be achieving your initial aim of getting your content in front of actual readers, in most cases human ones ; )

Check out some of my other posts if you are new to the concept of:
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If they don’t exist yet, they are certainly on their way as I want to make your journey and your learning far easier than mine. If I can help you avoid as many of the pitfalls as possible and help navigate you through a minefield of confusion, my work will have been achieved, and you will be on your way to online profits far sooner than had you not had a mentor.

May your journey be a prosperous one filled with satisfaction and of course FUN!

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