About Steven…

Hey there everyone, welcome…‘Give your boss the boot’ that’s an intriguing and provocative title isn’t it?

It conjures up an amazing feeling in the pit of the stomach and hints at a new life that is maybe waiting for us if we just knew how to charge forward with a new plan…It speaks of mornings that do not start with the shrill ear piercing reveille of the dreaded alarm clock.

Especially if like me, you would much rather reap the rewards of your labours instead of someone else doing all the reaping and you doing ALL of the sowing.

Let me explain…

My name is Steven, and I have a problem!

Over the last twenty years I have purchased business opportunity system after business opportunity system after SCAM… Oops there I said it. Please don’t ask me if I ever paid money to join a network marketing scheme later known as MLM scheme, because I would have to tell you no

I have joined SEVERAL…

Seriously. The first was selling books, then vitamins and diet shakes, then scrubbing pads and washing powder, then utilities, then back to the scrubbing pads as I was SURE that after reading a REALLY persuasive sales plan that I had been doing it wrong the first time, and then – this bit is the most embarrassing part of my story after what I’ve shared with you so far- I went back to the utilities company because I was CONVINCED after reading a really persuasive sales plan and watching an AMAZING video that-

You get the picture right?

Have you ever heard of a forced matrix? You guessed it, have you ever tried writing articles online? How about filling out surveys? Writing music reviews? Oh man, I only wish I was joking.

I used to see glossy sales brochures and video tapes, later came floppy discs, next up was the evolution of CD rom, then high production DVD’s and Youtube videos. The technology may have been evolving, but the core message remained the same.


Oh and I did. The money would be exchanged and everytime I would find myself in a lonely situation, financially lighter, left to promote something that may have actually worked if I had been trained, mentored or supported. If you have ever been there you will know the hollow feeling within. This was not just about the fact that I realised I had fallen for ‘another one’, it was far more than that, it was the disappointment of knowing that all the feelings I had been experiencing, the dreams I had started to visualise and the goals I would soon have conquered had once again turned to very expensive dust before my eyes.

These plans, programmes and systems all had names like the Omega principle, the Archimedes secret and Pythagoras’ toilet (OK I made that one up) and I would think to myself after reading the amazing sales copy THIS IS THE ONE, then next step was always the same, out came the cheque book, later it became credit or debit card, several years later it became paypal instant payments *shakes head*. I’m not sure what went wrong but ‘they’ said I’d be a millionaire by Tuesday…

Do you know how many fantastic gambling systems I have stumbled across through those years? Horses, greyhounds, roulette, fruit machines, Guatemalan tiddy winks. These “systems” all promised guaranteed profits, a torrent of cash raining down from the sky. I guess that even I should have known that gambling was not the way forward but the sales copy always said that it wasn’t gambling when it was a sure thing it was investing. I could cringe with embarrassment when I think back on those sickening times.

The bountiful universe never sent me that which I ‘affirmated’ for,  what’s worse is that the neighbours just assumed I was of native American descent, chanting for rain.

I could go on and on about turnkey systems, biz opps and complete business training packages, failed Ebay shops and so on BUT I am sure you have spotted the destructive, naive pattern by now.

Way back when I was in the midst of this expensive and soul destroying cycle I felt dumb everytime, manipulated, gullible, easily taken in but I was always ready to pounce on the next make money from home opportunity or bizniz in a box. You see it wasn’t stupidity that led me into these ridiculous scenarios, it was desperation and the fact that I KNEW there was a better life out there for me and mine. When you WANT to believe with such a passion, the sales message will speak to that part of you.

I was WILLING TO WORK HARD, for many years I worked hard at my job, make that job’s (I had many… after all I always knew I was on the verge of being able to retire!) and in my free time and days off I worked hard on these hopeless ventures, I was exhausted but I still believed, I still ‘worked the plan’.

In my more recent history I had to re-evaluate, you see my partner and my kids even looked at me with pity and frustration as I told them how great this next one was gonna be, my friends eyes glazed over and made kind suggestions about what I should actually do.

I decided to embark on a course of training on how to actually work from home, ironically most of this information was free, I didn’t meet a mysterious mentor or have a great epiphany upon a mountain top. I just knuckled down to learn something that would enable me to not have to work soul destroying twelve hour shifts anymore. I resolved to learn something easy to put into practice that would give me and mine enough extra for those little luxuries in life that we had missed out on over the years.

But then I kinda DID have an epiphany, why not expand my efforts to help others trapped in this same cycle of addiction to their dreams and goals which leaves them at the mercy of ‘get rich quick’ predators. I can point out the kind of things to be wary of, highlight BLATANT SCAMS and advise on aspects of my journey that allowed me to begin to take control of my own life.

My story features zero mansions is entirely bereft of fleets of classic ferrari’s and I DO NOT have a solid gold water fountain in the foyer of my swish Monte Carlo skyscraper. Disgracefully, I am not even yet a millionaire and I am sorry to leave you gasping open mouthed and  staring at me with disgust at my next statement…

I have no glossy sales brochures, no business in a box that you can just plug in and play, we will not be attending meetings at my “mentors” house where we chant and scream success affirmations at each other whilst walking over hot coals, before buying a garage full of water filters to retail onto the next sap that comes along and I’m sorry to impart the knowledge that

There is NO bloody secret!

I am an ordinary guy working for a better life and the bulk of my efforts are centred around making money online, something that always fascinated me. If you are like I was back then, put your wallet or purse away and hide the credit card in your shoe, it will not be needed!

Some of you here may have stumbled upon this page, because much like myself you find yourself in a situation probably through no fault of your own where you are entirely desperate and need an absolutely cost free way to start making some money so that you and yours can start to live the life you truly deserve.

Some of you may have even more immediate concerns such as paying rent or mortgage and putting food on the table.

Please let me know if this is where you find yourself as I do not want you to fall for an unscrupulous scam artist. and I will personally instruct you on a method that will get you started immediately.

Ideas that I share will not be systems that generate millions from clicking two buttons, they will require hard work on your part…

“I’m not saying it’s gonna be easy, I’m saying it’s gonna be worth it”

You are gonna love it here, it will feel like a breath of fresh air. This truly is a no BS zone and any passing scammers who try to use our page to tout their sub-standard wares and recruit people to their high ticket programmes (which ultimately only serve to buy the founder Reginald Montague Smythe III a solid gold Rolls Royce) will be ejected, rejected and left in no doubt that their snake oil is not a product or business in a box that is welcome here.

You are in the right place at the right time.

To our shared future…

To fun, fulfillment and fortune…

Steven – Founder of Give Your Boss The Boot.



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